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The farm is member of an association of "Fattorie Didattiche“ (=teaching farms) of the province Ravenna and offers its program to nursery schools, elementary schools, middle schools and interested adults.

For schools:
Every course can be adapted to the age of the children and is prepared in cooperation with the teacher. It is possible to organise a little snack for lunch on the farm.

For adults:
There are courses for weaving. The necessary utensils will be provided and there is the possibility to try using Grandma’s weaving machine.
Costs and dates to be agreed beforehand. (0039/0544/551051 or 0039/3389779804)


These courses give the possibility to get to know the farmer’s work as well as appreciating culture and rural traditions of the Romagna.

Weaving – Discovering an ancient profession

Getting to know about natural fibres such as hemp, cotton and linen
Getting to know weaving utensils and working with them as our grandparents did
History of cultivation and use of hemp in our region in the 50’s.

The way of milk

Watching milking a goat by hand
Helping to produce cheese and ricotta


Water, Land and Cultivation: Drying and irrigation

Getting to know the use of water in modern agriculture
Using the rain measurement, calculation of water requirement for the cultivation
The different kinds of irrigation methods for cultivation

Traditional cooking of the Romagna

From corn to “piadina” on a terracotta plate
“La pasta” on the kitchen board
Desserts for festive days

How to find us

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Cà Ridolfi   Via del Dottore 33 - C.A.P. 48100 -  Gambellara - Ravenna
Telefono e Fax: 0544/551051    Cellulare: 3389779804